My Life In Lasers: a dance music memoir
Gareth Emery

My Life In Lasers: a dance music memoir

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Gareth's new memoir is now available!  

MY LIFE IN LASERS is a memoir by songwriter, record producer & DJ Gareth Emery. Written as a companion to Gareth’s album THE LASERS, each of the book’s chapters relate to one of the album’s songs, detailing the exciting, the funny, and the tragic stories behind the music.

Gareth Emery’s life has been a wild ride. From being detained in Syria, to being half a world away when his daughter was rushed into hospital, the professional anecdotes come thick and fast, while Gareth also shares the lessons that he’s learned through life and music, giving an all access look into the life of the international DJ that so many covet, but few understand.

But Gareth’s stories aren’t just for the fans. Not everyone steps on stage in front of 50,000 people, but we all battle with the balance of work and family. Addiction to social media. Fear of criticism. Loss of loved ones, and the struggle to make childhood dreams a reality. MY LIFE IN LASERS is not just about the meaning behind the lyrics. It is the story of someone who has gone at life head first, fallen many times along the way, and who wants to share the lessons so that anyone can achieve success in their own lives.